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New Teachers Introduced

These are all the new teachers that appear in Book 3 (Wednesday – The Forest of Secrets).

Ms. Greenacre

Teaches Zip-Lining
Former World Zip-Lining Champion.
When on the ground, uses a noncycle.
Never goes anywhere without Derek (her pet eel) around her neck.
Loves smarshmallows.

Mrs. Wobblethorpe

Teaches: Bed-Jumping
Used to own the World’s Second-Most Amazing Hotel.
Has jumped on over 32,000 beds.

Mr. McYawn

Teaches: Really Boring Class
World’s most boring person.
We don’t want to tell you anything more about him here because it will put you to sleep.

Mrs. Ozniak

Teaches: History
She is so knowledgeable that people believe she is actually a time-traveller. Her recollections of historical events are almost first-hand, as if she had been there herself.
There are rumours that she had a cup of tea on top of the pyramid in Giza the day after it was finished, a cup of coffee on the Titanic, and a cup of chock-hotlit (similar to hot chocolate, but better) on the summit of Everest with Hilary and Tensing in 1953.

Ms. Grimstead

Teaches: Library
Former Chief Library Officer of the UNRLEAM (the United Nations Royal Library of Everything & More). For that job she had to memorise the exact locations of 32 billion and 7 books.
Lump on her head. Sometimes throbs.

Mr. Steadyneck

Teaches: Potted-Plant Balancing
Potted-Plant Balancing champion in 1958.
VERY old.
And very nice.

Hammaphore Trees

New Almanac entry
Several Hammaphore trees grow in Moremi Forest adjacent to Swedhump Elementary. Each one is said to be over 500 years old. Every Hammaphore tree has a secret doorway into a passage which connects to all other Hammaphore trees on the planet. This is known as the Hammaphore System. Dash and Rob are the only people who know this. Or so we believe.


New Almanac entry
Triplosaults are triple somersaults.
A Grinning Triplosault is a triple somersault whilst grinning.
A Grinning Jellybeanified Triplosault is a triple somersault whilst grinning whilst eating a jellybean.

The counting goes as follows:

Somersault (single somersault)
Doublosault (double somersault)
Triplosault (triple somersault)
Quadrosault (4 somersaults)
Quintosault (5 somersaults)
Hexasault (6 somersaults)
Septasault (7 somersaults)
Octosault (8 somersaults)
Nonosault (9 somersaults)
Decosault (10 somersaults)
Nonononosault (99 somersaults)
Nonononononosault (999 somersaults)
Weirdosault (failed somersault)
Dumbersault (somersaulting into a wall – Gronville Honkersmith has been known to do this)
Plumbersault (when Mr. Plumtree does a somersault)
Summersomersault (a somersault in the summer)
Wintersomersault (a somersault in the winter)

New Comic Added

We’ve published a new comic to our comics page.
They can all be seen here.


New Almanac entry
Noncyles are nine-wheeled bicycles.
They’re fun to ride, fast and very stable, especially over rough terrain.
The nonclycle is Ms. Greenacre’s preferred mode of ground transport.
She purchased hers from Darwin Cycles.
Runs so smoothly that it is believed it was actually built and tested by Humperdermus Ibis himself.

In case you’re wondering, this is the naming system:

Number: Greek (Latin) *cycle
1: mono- (uni-) unicyle
2: duo-/di- (duo-/bi-) bicycle
3: tri- (tri-) tricycle
4: tetra- (quad-) quadcycle
5: penta- (quint-) pentacycle
6: hex- (sex-) hexacyle
7: hept- (sept-) heptacycle
8: oct- (oct-) octocycle
9: ennea- (non-) noncycle
10: dec- (dec-) decicycle

New Comic Added

We’ve published a new comic to our comics page.
They can all be seen here.

New Comic Added

We’ve published a new comic to our comics page.
They can all be seen here.

New Comic Added

We’ve published a new comic to our comics page.
They can all be seen here.