There are many different types of scallywag.
Each type has its own fighting techniques, strengths and weaknesses.
To officially become a Scallywag, one needs to graduate from Scallywag Academy.
These are the types Dash encounters:
Story 1: Wrestle-Scallywags
Story 2: Mind-Reading Scallywags
Story 3: Forest-Scallywags
Story 4: Desert-Scallywags

Move #4,455 (Pyramid)

Classified as a Pre-Fight-Manoeuvre (PFM)
Also known as a One-Up-Two-Down.
Recorded use by all scallywags.
Although technically is just a Pre-Fight-Manoeuvre designed to scare opponents, it is actually highly effective in combat situations. The top scallywag is usually the strongest of the group, and uses his or her position for jumping forwards or back.

Move #6,694 (Tower)

Used by Wrestle-Scallywags only.
Very technical 3-man move.
Typically Scallywag 1 jumps up, wall-bounces, ceiling-bounces, then lands to form the base.
Scallywag 2 jumps up, ceiling-bounces, floor-bounces, then lands on top of Scallywag 2.
Scallywag 3 jumps up and does an arc-soar, to land on Scallywag 2, thus forming the “Tower”.
They then advance.
Used primarily to intimidate opponents.
Its actual combat effectiveness is thusfar unproven.

Mind-Reading Mode A

Mind-Reading Mode A (MMRA)
Speciality of Mind-Reading Scallywags only.
Highly dangerous.

If you encounter Red Ninjas going into MMRA, you have three choices:
[1] Run
[2] Shrink them
[3] Stand perfectly still and think about sniders. Mind-Reading Scallywags are terrified of sniders.

Mind-Reading Scallywags

How common: Moderately
Special power: Mindreading, mindbending
Weakness: Scared of mirrors
Typical group size: 3 or more
Operate alone? Hardly ever
Maximum Jump Distance: 8 feet
Cleverness: 7/10
Speed: 4/10
Agility: 4/10


How common: Very
Special power: None. Decent all-rounders.
Weakness: Poor eyesight
Typical group size: 3 or more
Operate alone? Hardly ever
Maximum Jump Distance: 16 feet
Cleverness: 5/10
Speed: 5/10
Agility: 9.5/10


How common: Moderate
Special power: Climbing, camouflage, wilderness survival
Weakness: Laugh very easily. Fear nothing*.
Typical group size: 5 or more
Operate alone? Yes
Maximum Jump Distance: 32 feet
Cleverness: 6/10
Speed: 7/10
Agility: 8/10

* Except angry librarians. Forest-Scallywags are absolutely and completely and utterly terrified of angry librarians.

Move #18,854 (Rolling Starfish)

This is a HIGHLY dangerous and very technical move.
Only known to be used by Forest-Scallywags.
Once rolling, it can mover very fast.

Move #10,266 (Weird-Face)

This common move involves pulling as many weird faces as you can, in as short a period as possible. Very effective against enemies who are unable to suppress their laughter, such as Forest Scallywags.
Mrs. Zhonst holds extra lessons for anyone interested.


How common: Moderate
Special power: Create sandstorms, desert survival
Weakness: Tend to scatter sand wherever they go
Typical group size: 7 or more
Operate alone? Never
Maximum Jump Distance: 6 feet
Cleverness: 7/10
Speed: 3/10
Agility: 5/10

Move 6,745 (Rocket Launch)

This is a highly dangerous 1-4-1-1 attack move. Often used by Desert-Scallywags. It involves building a tower with the strongest “foundation” scallywag at the bottom. 4 fighters then balance off him or her, to form the “base” of the rocket, then the two most agile of them atop of each other to form the “nose-cone”. The launch involves the top two flying off at high speed into the attack. The “base” 4 then attack and the foundation scallywag remains in place.

Move 84 (Tarantula)

This is a highly effective evasive manoeuvre, particularly useful against Desert-Scallywags as they are scared of spiders. The move involves a deep grimace, spider-like screaming combined with a rapid and continued flailing the arms. The louder the scream and faster the arms flail, the more effective this move is.

Move 26,941 (Sandstorm)

This is a very, very dangerous move that involves conjuring up a sandstorm. It is the favorite attack move of Desert-Scallywags since they always have a trail of sand following them. Once in formation, the scallywags raise their arms and begin a rapid repeat-chant which sounds like a mixture between a humming snail and a toad with stomach-cramps. As they do this they stretch out and sway their arms which lifts and twirls any sand in the area. It forms a mini tornado which catches anything in its path. The conjured sandstorm is impregnable and remains in place for at least 24 hours. The only known remedy is for it to be sucked up by a Full-Vacuum-Snozzle. Some hole-diggers come with inbuilt snoozes specifically for this purpose.


These are small, VERY dangerous scallywags.

How common: Rare
Special power: Can freeze anything just by standing near it
Weakness: Terrified of huggybears
Typical group size: 7
Operate alone? Never
Maximum Jump Distance: 12 feet
Cleverness: 8/10
Speed: 9/10
Agility: 9/10

Move #334 (Freezer-Door-Slam)

Highly technical move used specifically to close freezer doors.
Involves 4 steps:
[1] Launch
[2] Glide
[3] Kick
[4] Land
Left-footed and right-footed versions are taught in year-1 at Scallywag Academy.

Move #342 (Instant Ice-Block)

Terrifying and super-fast specialisation of Ice-Scallywags.
Victims instantly get frozen in a block of ice and cannot move.
They can however breathe.
The ice last exactly 30 minutes.
It’s not actually dangerous to the victim, but incredibly uncomfortable, inconvenient and embarrassing.

Move 8001 (Oscillating Nostril-Pump)

Highly-effective defensive move. Involves rapid moving up and down of the elbows to make the enemy believe they are being advanced upon by an oscillating nostril-pump. For some reason, most scallywags are absolutely terrified of nostril-pumps. There is no known explanation why.

Move 7,734 (Ox-Horn-Pincer)

Another specialisation of Ice-Scallywags.
Involves formation of a C-shaped advance, i.e. a head with two horns that surround the enemy. Very dangerous. I repeat, very dangerous.

Move 7,734 (Ox-Horn-Pincer)

Another specialisation of Ice-Scallywags.
Involves formation of a C-shaped advance, i.e. a head with two horns that surround the enemy. Very dangerous. I repeat, very dangerous.