Miscellany/Random Stuff

Heemo-globule Globules

These are small, very rare, highly-precious globules containing heemo-globules, which are mined all over the world.
The Sniffsonian has a fine collection of them.


Written by Zephaniah Rrr-Tökk-Tökk, this fine tome covers everything there is to know about the Pause game. Large sections on rules, history, national variants, famous competitions, legendary winners and notorious cheats.

The first edition was published in 1995. New editions are published annually. There were only 100 copies of the first edition, which these days are highly sought-after and therefore VERY expensive. At a recent auction in Stefannesburg, one of them sold for 33 million dollars.


The part projecting above the mouth on the face of a person or animal. Usually.
Some noses are know to exist completely on their own, i.e. not attached to the face of a person or animal. Very few have been spotted. Most noses contain the nostrils and are used for breathing and smelling.


Ossicles are small osculated sniccles containing micro heemo-globule globules. They are used as conductors in advanced electronic devices. They are extremely difficult to work with as they can be quite sticky. Only very advanced engineers and inventors use them.
Mrs. Tadros (the science teacher at Swedhump Elementary) has a fine collection of them.


Snodules are components of a technical class or lesson. A typical lesson might have 4 or 5 snodules, that are inter-related, but also independent. Snodules can be divided into sub-snodules, semi-snodules and snodulated-snodules. Snodulated-snodules can be divided into sub-snodulated-snodules, semi-snodulated-snodules and snodulted-snodulated-snodules. Snodulated-snodulated-snodules can be divided into sub-snodulated-snodulated-snodules, semi-snodulated-snodulated-snodules and snodulted-snodulated-snodulated-snodules.


Homputers are computers that can walk and have human-type limb functioning.
They were invented by Mike Homputer in 1994.
Each has a serial number which denotes its speciality.

44573X – cooking
44573Y – wobble-ball
44573Z – face-pulling
44574A – mailbox-licking
44574B – postbox-polishing
44574C – whistling

Rule 27b

“The reader shall not be allowed to continue reading the book unless all words appearing on the page (on which Rule 27b occurs) are read out aloud.”

Ice Cream Machine (ICM)

Built by Mr. Rosebank over the last 50 years.
He made the prototype when he was in elementary school, winning the school science competition.
In middle-school he’d upgraded it, and by the time he was junior, it was a fully-functioning device making over 100 ice cream a day.
Highly sophisticated device, believed to contain more ossicles per cubic foot than any other known electronic device.