Dash Candoo

Hates it when his breakfast (the most important meal of the day) gets disturbed.
Scared of nothing, except being late for class.
Best friends are Rob Newman and Greta Gretchen-Hoffer.

Rob Newman

One of Dash’s best friends.
Often pretends to be annoyed when really he isn’t.
Has a weird dent on his index finger.
Extremely good at making fires.
Loves sailing.

Gronville Honkersmith

Meanest boy in the school.
Always has his water bottle with him.
It is believed that he might actually be soft and sweet on the inside.

Greta Gretchen-Hoffer

Extremely talented.
Champion face-puller.
Very clever.
Close friends with Dash.
Loves anything to do with ancient Egypt.

Jeanjean-Jeanjean-Jeanjean Johnson

Twin sister of Jonjon-Jonjon-Jonjon Johnson. They’re always fighting.
Cries easily. And when she cries, you’d better RUN, or find a boat, kayak or pool floaty, because boy does she cry!

Jonjon-Jonjon-Jonjon Johnson

Twin brother of Jeanjean-Jeanjean-Jeanjean Johnson.
They’re always fighting.
Very scared of Granvil Henrikks.

Shereena Aska-Lonka-Lonka

Extremely clever.
Brilliant Face-Puller.
Competent at everything.
Definite Valedictorian/Head-Girl potential.

Collum Ollum

Naughtiest kid in the school.
Good friends with Dash.
Once had a pet swed.
Everyone loves him.