A transformer is a HIGHLY technical device.
There are over 100 different types, and new models come out each year.
Dash currently uses a Chobey-2020 (this year’s model).
If you have FULL security clearance (Level 15c) we will be able to tell you more about them if you email us.

Dash’s transformer uses a RM66 high-voltage battery, which needs to be charged once a week. No more and no less. If charged more often that that, the transformer becomes too powerful, so for example, if overcharged, when trying to transform a cereal bowl into a watermelon, it could actually transform it into a hippopotamus, which would be funny, but probably not good. If charged less often than weekly, the transformer becomes too weak, so for example, if you were intending to transform a bicycle into a car, it might transform it into a wheelbarrow instead.