Secure Command Center Radio Frequencies

Channel 01: Dash & Rob private channel
Channel 11: Police Triplocopter Response Unit
Channel 22: Underground Assistance
Channel 33: Backpack Ladder Deployment Emergencies
Channel 44: Submarine Assistance
Channel 50: Hovercraft Unit
Channel 55: Scallywag Academy Help Line
Channel 66: Pizzoo Delivery
Channel 67: Coastguard
Channel 77: Quadcycle Repair Unit
Channel 88: Airborne Assistance
Channel 99: Strictly Confidential

Morse Code

[1] The length of a dot is one unit.
[2] A dash is three units.
[3] The space between parts of the same letter is one unit.
[4] The space between letters is three units.
[5] The space between words is seven units.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

A = Alpha
B = Bravo
C = Charlie
D = Delta
E = Echo
R = Foxtrot
G = Golf
H = Hotel
I = India
J = Juliet
K = Kilo
L = Lima
M = Mike
N = November
O = Oscar
P = Papa
Q = Quebec
R = Romeo
S = Sierra
T = Tango
U = Uniform
V = Victor
W = Whiskey
X = X-ray
Y = Yankee
Z = Zulu

KB15 Flash Codes

KB-15 flash codes:

* Red – on-off 1 second intervals continuous: Imminent Danger
* Red – on 2s, off 2s: Lightning storm imminent
* Green – on 3s, off 1s: Pizzup delivery almost here
* Blue – on 5s, off 5s: Battery needs charging

Transponder Tracking Device (TTD)

Dash and Rob always carry micro versions of these.
They allow them to find each other in emergencies – provided the device has been activated.
So for example, if Rob gets captured but is unable to activate his TDD, Rob won’t receive a signal.


A snintercom is an advanced wireless intercom, that also has DTC (Document Transfer Capacity).

Its base portal is in Mrs. Rosebank’s office. So if she wants to make verbal announcements to the whole school she can do so. But the big advantage is if she wants to send everyone a paper memo or a pile of documents or even a book, she can use the snintercom. Likewise they can send documents to her. The maximum capacity for a single send is 7 books.

Collum Ollum, for fun, once tried to send the Complete & Comprehensive Encyclopaedia of Grobsnots (21 volumes) and he jammed the system. It took technicians a week to repair and the encyclopaedia was lost forever. He got into a lot of trouble for it.


Tiny, mind-activated camera embedded on the top of the head. Dash and Rob each have them. These cameras are so small that when unactivated they are almost invisible. To activate a Cranio-cam, all you need to do is think about it, and out it pops. Same goes for retraction. They are waterproof and their battery last forever. Can only be embedded by registered members of the CCEI (Cranio-cam Embedding Institute). Photos and films taken with them can be tele-transferred to other people who have them.


Tele-transfer is mind-activated transmission of digital files between Cranio-cams. So for example, if Rob takes a photo with his Cranio-cam, and then wants to send them image to Dash (who also has an embedded Cranio-cam), all Rob needs to do is think about it, and the images automatically download into Dash’s brain, as if they are on the table right in front of him.


Small, easily-deployed pocket camera-drone that is shaped like a butterfly.
Infra red, green, blue and purple technology enabled.
Return-to-base functionality.
Range of up to 25 miles.
Can be operated by remote control, or mind-control if pilot has a XS-42 micro chip embedded in their head.

Code Beige

Part of the ELT34 international radio code. Means “Hold your position, we are coming”.
All the ELT34 codes are listed in the ELT34 Manual.
Other examples of codes:
Code maroon: “Dig a hole and hide in it!”
Code mauve: “You can come out of the hole now!”
Code avocado: “Would you like some guacamole?”