FiCTaP Mode

Acronym for Find Clues, Track and Pursue.

This is not classified as an actual combat move.

Regarded as a key asset which is why it is taught as a year-1 course at most academies for stealth operatives.

The sub-modes of FiCTAP Mode are as follows:

[1] FiC: Find Clues. Look for clues anywhere. Be creative and think differently. Don’t accept normal as normal. Fugitives aim to trick you.
[2] T: Track. Follow the clues, but be prepared for them to disappear or change. Good tracking involves patience and attention to detail. Having a snack with you also helps.
[3] P: Pursue. Three types: [a] Stealth Pursuit – Your prey does not know he/she/it is being followed. [b] Active Live Pursuit – Your prey has spotted you. [c] Confidential – sorry but we can’t give any details on this as you don’t have security-clearance 56/foxtrot.